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Xtremesoft Training Program Overview

Xtremesoft training programs are designed with one goal in mind--to help you get maximum results in the fastest time possible. For our clients, this means working with key project managers, technical administrators, and users to ensure you have the knowledge to succeed in all phases of deployment and ongoing usage. For our channel partners and resellers, this means helping you to fully understand exactly how Xtremesoft products help your customers.

In short, we focus on transferring knowledge about our products to both technical and non-technical audiences. No matter what role you play in your company's decision to implement Xtremesoft products, be assured that our training programs are the most cost-effective way to help you get the most from your technology investment.

Key Benefits

We provide a variety of training packages designed to meet a variety of customer needs. We understand that your technical staff needs different information than your management or non-technical staff. You may require basic or more advanced administrator training. As a 3rd party provider, you may require certification on our products. In all cases, our training is designed to help you receive maximum benefit from your association with Xtremesoft. Training will help you:

  • Plan your implementation wisely, to meet your business objectives, technical requirements, and budgets
  • Shorten implementation timelines, for rapid deployment and ROI
  • Use Xtremesoft technology to leverage the strength of your existing applications
  • Understand the impact on your IT support organizations
  • Troubleshoot problems, for continuous operation and fewer calls to Xtremesoft Support
  • Improve your communication with Xtremesoft Engineers, to assure results that meet your business requirements
  • Be self-sufficient, to reduce the number of Professional Services days required

Select the course that's right for you, and learn how to optimize your Xtremesoft purchase. If you are a technical administrator or have other technically oriented responsibilities, we offer you a series of courses that start with the basics and can take you through the most advanced features and options available.

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