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Solutions for managing COM+ and .NET serviced components performance events

Why Availability Matters in your COM+ and .NET serviced components applications
The Benefits of using AppMetrics in your COM+ and .NET serviced components environment
Understanding AppMetrics in the .NET environment
Corporate White Paper - Application Management for eBusiness Managers in a COM+ or .NET serviced components environment
AppMetrics Load Diagnostics - Showing you your web application's true load performance curve
Application Audit and Analysis Program - need a more detailed view of the COM+ layer of your application - we can help.
AppMetrics for Transactions - provides metrics on your COM+ packages, applications, components, and their methods.
AppMetrics Product Tour - managing COM+/.NET serviced components with AppMetrics
AppMetrics Resource Center - all the information you need to install, deploy, manage and monitor your COM+ and .NET serviced components applications
Data Sheet about AppMetrics, the product that does application monitoring and analysis for COM+ and serviced components applications
Product White Paper - monitoring COM+ components and .NET serviced components with AppMetrics
FAQs - most frequently asked questions on installing, deploying and monitoring performance of COM+ and .NET serviced components
If you have developed your multi-tier applications using Microsoft's .NET Serviced Components or COM+, take advantage of our special free product trial.
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